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                               About  the Faculty of Engineering

Technical and Engineering Faculty was officially founded in 1972 with the decree of Ministry of Science.

Currently considered as one of the largest faculties of the Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman, this faculty started its activity in 1976 with 30 students, 4 professors and 1 instructor. Over the time, particularly after the Islamic Revolution, the faculty expanded its educational and research activities. 

Faculty has currently 132 members, including 8 full professors, 18 associate professors, 61 assistant professors and 14 instructors providing scientific services through teaching and research projects in different sub fields within 9 educational groups. 

The faculty included  4751 students during the second semester of 2013-2014: 177 PhD students, 929 graduate students and 3645 undergraduate students.

  Total Visits  : 39820
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